Class Descriptions

**Current class descriptions are for our 2018-2019 season**

Inspire Dance Studio offers classes for dancers age 18 months through adult. Classes are offered in various techniques at a numbers of levels. For younger dancers, classes are broken down by age and skill in levels A, B or C. Dancers 6th grade and up are placed in level I, II, III or IV based on age and skill level. 

Some classes may be given the opportunity to compete.  

Grown up and me

Designed for dancers age 18 months - 3 years, dancers get to enjoy a fun, creative-movement class with their favorite grown up. This high energy class involves instruments and exploring different types of movement all while starting to build good listening and participation skills. 

3-4 yr old

The 3-4 yr old class is the perfect introduction to dance. Dancers learn both ballet and tap techniques in a kid-friendly environment. 'Airplane arms', 'holding a basket' and 'throwing stars in the sky' are just a few of the fun ways dancers learn. Dancers perform a tap number in the recital.

4-5-6 yr old

A great class for the experienced younger child or the beginning 1st grader, 4-5-6 builds on the skills mastered in 3-4. Introduction to more technical terms and harder steps make this class a great building block. Dancers learn both ballet and tap techniques and perform both in the recital. 



A foundation for all dance styles, Inspire Dance Studio begins ballet at the age of 3 with progressions through Ballet IV. Dancers learn proper alignment, technique and vocabulary. 

Taking ballet a step further, pointe involves specialized shoes that enable the dancer to dance on their toes. For the 2018-2019 dance season, pointe dancers must be in Level II ballet or higher. 


Tap involves rhythm and coordination to build complex combinations of tap steps. Dancers at IDS begin tap as early as 3 years old, with classes advancing through Tap IV. *Adult tap description below 


A high energy style of dance that uses a dancer's strength and flexibility, dancers learn fun leaps and turn combinations along with stylized choreography. Students can begin jazz in Level A and continue through Jazz IV.


Emotion and technique are interwoven to create a powerful piece in lyrical. Although ballet is not required, it is strongly suggested if dancers wish to succeed in this style. Lyrical is offered to dancers Level I - IV. 

Hip Hop

A fun and fast-paced style, Hip Hop encourages dancers to get in touch with their sassy side. This class works on hip hop tricks such as kip-ups, stalls and cartwheels. Jazz is not required but strongly suggested for hip hop dancers. Hip hop is offered for students beginning at Level A with progressions through Hip Hop IV. 


Technique classes are an amazing class for any dancer wanting to improve throughout the dance season. With a whole class designated specifically for technique, dancers will work on improving leaps, turns and alignment. We offer a technique class for Level C through IV. 

Broadway Bound & Musical Theater

Musical theater combines dance and acting to tell a story or portray a character. In Inspire Dance Studio's musical theater class, dancers will tell a well known story through dance. Dancers are given the opportunity for solos, duets or small groups within their musical theater number. Broadway Bound is for dancers in levels A, B and C, while Musical Theater is for level I - IV. 


A free and expressive style of dance, Modern allows dancers to explore movement outside of typical ballet or jazz training. Dancers will use different sources of inspiration to create unique choreography. Ballet is not required but strongly suggested to succeed in Modern. Modern I is available for dancers in dancing in levels I & II and Modern II is available for dancers in levels III & IV.

High Kick

High kick will take every dancer to the next level. With a focus on strength and flexibility, dancers will learn different high kick sequences to create a visually stunning dance. This class is great for any dancer on or wanting to be on any dance team. High Kick is available for dancers Level I and up.

Competition team

Competition teams are auditioned teams for dancers 4th grade and up. Competition classes meet once a week to work on either a contemporary or a jazz routine that they compete 3-4 times throughout the year. Competition dancers must also take ballet and jazz/contemporary (based on which techniques they compete with their team). Inspire Dance Studio has four competition teams. Teams are built based on skill and age. 

Solos, duets, trios and small groups

Learning and competing a solo, duet, trio or in a small group is a great way to improve as a dancer. Dancers may elect to compete their solo, while graduating seniors may opt to only perform theirs in the recital. Doing a solo, duet, trio or small group does include additional fees for studio space, choreography fees and competition registration fees. Please speak with management if your dancer or dancers are interested in this opportunity.

Adult Classes

Whether you have years of experience or are looking for a way to stay active, Inspire Dance Studio offers classes for adults. Don't see what you're looking for? Let management know what style of adult class you'd like to see!

Adult Tap

Adult tap is offered in three levels based on experience. Beginning with classic tap steps and continuing towards more complex combinations, adult tap has something to offer to everyone. 


Inspire Dance Studio intends to offer Adult Ballet and Advanced Adult Ballet workshops throughout the year. Please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for class announcements! 

Adult Ballet

This class works on increasing flexibility and strength through the art of ballet. Dancers will learn ballet basics in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

Advanced Adult Ballet

For many dancers, their learning ends after high school or college. It is hard to continue dancing if you are not a professional or willing to start at the beginning. We have created Advanced Adult Ballet specifically for dancers in that situation. Join us to get back to the barre and rediscover your love of dance!